KUALA LUMPUR, 26 May 2022: The UCSI Poll Research Centre recently released a poll result on the new concept of a 4-day work week in Malaysia. The poll was conducted among 692 citizens in Malaysia.

Amongst the respondents, 65% of the respondents prefer a 4-day work week, and 35% prefer a normal work week (5 - 6 days). 33% of the respondents agreed that their company is ready for a 4-day work week, 31% said neutral, and 36% disagreed. When asked if the respondents were ready for a 4-day work week, 55% agreed, 29% said neutral, and 16% disagreed.

In general, the result shows that respondents prefer a 4-day work week (65%) rather than a normal work week (5 – 6 days) (35%) as they believe, from the working perspective, they can be on standby during non-working days (53%), and are willing to work more efficient if required, in order to work 4 days a week (83%). From the personal perspective, respondents believe that a        4-day work week will contribute to better mental health (61%) and a more balanced work-life (64%).

Countries like Iceland has successfully introduced a 4-day work week since 2015. It has been reignited again by the Covid-19 pandemic. Scotland, United Kingdom, German, Spain, Portugal, and Belgium etc. has slowly joined the movement, and has started to test the 4-day work week in the workplace. Will Malaysia join the growing global movement and implement the 4-day work week?

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