About UCSI Poll Centre


UCSI Poll Research Centre is part of UCSI University, one of the best private universities in Malaysia, but independent with a particular focus and capabilities.

UCSI Poll Research Centre (UPRC) has mainly focused on areas of problem-solving research and modelling analysis. We also provide training, consulting, public hearing, and monitoring and evaluation services. Moreover, we have expertise in survey research, strategy and policy development.

UCSI Poll Research Centre has multiple tools to know what people think, what people do, and what people have. We have over 100 tools as academic and practical resources.


In 1999, UCSI Poll Research Centre was established. In 2012, Assoc.Prof. Dato' Dr. Toh traveled and met pollsters in Bangkok Thailand. Since 2014, Assoc. Prof.Dr.Ngerng had been CEO till 2018. In 2019, Dr Noppadon Kannika has been appointed as CEO of the centre until 2020. In 2020, Dr Pek Chuen Khee has been appointed as the Director of the centre.

UCSI Poll Research Centre


UCSI Poll Research Centre has training programs on key steps of survey process such as excluding bias and errors from survey data, designing and testing survey questions, sampling, collecting data, and analyzing data.

Our mission

  • To convert the academic theories and models into applied research by providing real-life solutions to relevant problems in the social arena and in doing so, make a contribution to society and the larger public.
  • To develop new research capabilities in the field of public opinion and survey research.

About UCSI Poll Centre


  • To develop a world class praxis® research centre, which conducts rigorous interdisciplinary research within the domain of social science.
  • To provide valuable research insights, which can be utilised by various stakeholders and clients as well as the society and the larger public.
  • To maintain integrity and cultivate trust towards survey research among researchers.
  • To create a repository of knowledge in public opinion and attitudes through empirical research.

Contact Info

UCSI Poll Research Centre Sdn Bhd, 9th Floor Block G, South Wing, UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur.

[email protected]

03-91018880 (ext: 2430 / 2369)