KUALA LUMPUR, 19 May 2022: The UCSI Poll Research Centre recently released a poll result on Preference of Working Mode in Malaysia. The poll was conducted among 667 citizens in Malaysia.

Amongst the 667 respondents, 62% has experienced Work from Home (WFH) before the period of MCO while 88% experienced WFH during the period of MCO. When asked if they prefer WFH, working at office or a hybrid between WFH and working at office, if given a choice, 66% of the respondents indicated their preference for a hybrid mode, while 21% and 13% had opted for WFH and working at office, respectively. Interestingly, 62% from the 38% respondents who never experienced WFH before MCO opted for hybrid working mode. The result suggested that they might not be ready to return fully to work at office.

The survey seeks to understand the preferences of the respondents further by asking for information of gender, age, marital status and number of children.

The results suggested a high preference for the mode of hybrid across all four factors in general and Work at Office is the least preferred.


The survey seeks to understand the preference by the dimension of the nature of the job where the respondents were asked if their work involved teamwork to complete, and if their work involved supervising subordinates. The results, in general, shown that the respondents regardless of the nature of the job preferred the mode of hybrid, and again Work at Office is still the least preferred.

Statistics show that participants prefer hybrid working mode no matter the background and nature of their job. Fully WFH or Work at Office is not the preferred option judging by the gap between both and the hybrid mode across all the factors. Therefore, it is interesting to see if the employers will consider moving away from the conventional working mode of Work at Office and design their jobs with hybrid working mode.

Interestingly, the result of this survey corresponded with UCSI PRC’s previous results of The Great Resignation released to public on 23 February,2022. The survey shown that the mode of work seems to be the main reason when respondents opined if Malaysia would experience the wave of Great Resignation. Those who agreed that Malaysia will experience the wave of Great Resignation was because the people prefer jobs with more frequent working from home. Those who disagreed stated the reason because employers are relatively flexible in work arrangement and comfortable with the concept of WFH after MCOs.

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