KUALA LUMPUR, 8 August 2022: According to the World’s Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Index 2022, Malaysia was ranked 103 in the world, compared to neighbouring countries like Singapore (49), Thailand (79) and Indonesia (92).

The UCSI Poll Research Centre recently released a poll result on gender equality in Malaysia. The poll was conducted among 544 adults in Malaysia.

Among the respondents, 53% agreed that men and women have the same rights in Malaysia. When asked about the opportunities given to the female employees as the male employees, 53% agreed that there is fairness. However, 58% agreed that there is gender inequality at home, school, workplace, etc. For the question on whether the respondents had ever experienced/witnessed gender inequality at home, school, workplace, etc, 72% said “yes”.

The respondents’ opinion on gender perception:

In Malaysia, there are laws that protects women in Malaysia under domestic violence such as Section 375, Penal Code against of Rape. However, only 49% of the respondents were aware there are such laws or regulation on violence against women; 24% did not think so and 27% had no idea about this law.

"Gender equality in Malaysia has much to be improved, at home, the workplace, and at school. People feel and witness gender inequality, according to the survey conducted by Poll Research Centre. Malaysia currently has proposed the Gender Equality Bill 2017, organized by the Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development with the cooperation of UNDP Malaysia. Women are one of the major human capitals contributing to the country's development, and they deserve a fair social status" said Ms. Noor Zira Azlin, a law lecturer at UCSI University.

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